The following is an "in-class" activity, but has a lot of facts for you to review.

If you are studying for the test, this sight has a lot of helpful information!
What's the Matter with My Liquids (and Solids)? Click on this link to begin the lesson.
1. Take on-line Pre-test.
2. Go to the tab titled: "Let’s Learn". Read all of the pages.
3. Go to the tab titled: "Investigate",
4. When finished, Click on the tab titled "Investigate". Click on Density with solids and liquids. Complete the entire unit.
5. Click on "Wrap-Up" and take the quiz. Show your results to Ms. Hamerstadt
6. Clean the materials and your table. Take your graduated cylinder to the bathroom and rinse carefully. Do NOT put the cylinder back together. Do not dry off, it's okay if it's wet. Put materials away.

Then click on "Al Terspace’s Massive Adventure" and read the story.
1. Click on:“Let’s see what you’ve Learned. Click here to check yourself.” Take the quiz.
2. Show Ms. Hamerstadt your quiz results.
3. When finished, go to the tab: "Games and More". Enjoy!