5 Essential Facts of Digital Life

  • Kids are the creators. It’s all about participating, communicating, making music, images, videos, and posting written content. And the content that’s there? Kids must be able to know if it’s credible or not.
  • Everything happens in front of a vast, invisible, and often anonymous audience.
  • Once something is out there, it doesn’t go away. Everything leaves a digital footprint.
  • Information cannot be controlled. Anything can be copied, changed, and shared instantly.
  • Distance and anonymity separate actions and consequences. Kids think they can get away with unethical or unacceptable behavior because they don’t see immediate consequences.
Note from Mrs.Lewis

These essentail Facts of Digital Life are from the website called Common Sense Media. There is a vast amount of information for you, your parents and your teachers on this exceptional website. Today I would like you to view a video called Digital Life: Our Kids' Connected Culture. I want you to listen carefully because you will be asked to write and blog about the content of this video
Digital Life: Our Kid's Connected Culture