Read pages 42-45 in your textbook. On a clean sheet of loose leaf paper, put your name and heading, then answer the questions below. Restate the question in your answer and number your answers.

1. Why do you think food production and settlements were important developments for early man?

2. In earliest times, how did people survive?

Read Boy of the Painted Cave, pages 46-49, which underlines the continuity of human experience by illustrating the fact that art has been a means of expression for people for many thousands of years.

Write a brief summary about the story, then answer the questions below. You do not need to write the question but you do need to restate the question in your answer. Number your answers please.

1. What might you expect to see illustrated in the artwork of early people?

2. How could Tao tell that Graybeard had remembered his promise?

3. Where did early people find materials with which to paint?

4. What does Tao think and feel about painting?