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Enrichment Stations

Each student must spend 5 days or one week at each station, (the computer station has different rules). There may be instances when students need to stay in the same station for more than one week. (computer project or book study) A student must stay in the computer station until their project is completed. The timeframe for each computer project will vary depending upon the project.

Students will rotate through the stations in accordance with these guidelines:

1. Computer: Most projects will be completed in groups of 1- 2. Students will rotate out of the computer station when the assignment is completed and a new individual or group of 2 will move in to the computer station. The time limit spent in this station will be determined on a project to project basis. Project ideas must be submitted to Mrs. H. and approved before beginning.

2. Writing: Different types of written work will be assigned at this station. Students may choose from a list of topics. The student may not move to another station until a final copy of the assignment is completed. (Meaning, you can’t write a draft and then decide that you want to do math games the next day. You must first publish your writing!) Check out writing project guidelines and writing prompts here.

3. Reading: Students may:
A. Choose to silently read from a novel, or
B. Work in a small group, select a book that they all will read and have book chats. (Book chats will be explained later). Students in a book chat may request an extension of the 5 day limit.

4. Math Packet: Students will work individually on a math packet.

5. Science - Students may work individually or in groups of 2 and create a science experiment or research project. Project ideas should be submitted to Mrs. Hopkins before beginning.

These guidelines are subject to change as Mrs. H. or the students see fit.
Projects will be shared with the class as they are finished.

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