Forest Hills 5K Run/Walk. Earn Science Extra Credit! Register for 5K
Wear your Navy 6th grade t-shirt to the 5K!

Project Esophagus!


5/5/10- Quiz over Addition/Subraction with Integers Friday 5/7/10
Mini-Golf extra credit due Friday 5/7/10
5/18/10- Rock, Paper, Scissors Activity Sheet 3 (give #7 your best try, can't wait to see what you come up with)
Probability Test Monday 5/24 (final test of the year, no more extra credit will be given)

SOCIAL STUDIES - Parent Signature on Mesoamerica Test - due Friday 5/21
Please look for textbooks and library books at home!

LANGUAGE A​RTS: Remember to read 20 minutes for pleasure and fill out your Lit Record!
Skits will be presented tomorrow and Friday.

SCIENCE: Heredity Unit begins on Monday, May 17th. Test is May 27th.
May 18: Hamerstadt's class only: Pgs A17-A21, notes for each paragraph. Answer #3 and #5 on page 21

WRITING - We will have another spelling test before the end of the year. You should know ALL of these words by now!

Write the spelling words you missed on your test 10 times to learn them. Due to Mrs. Hopkins on Friday 5/7