This is Sasha! She is my new guinea pig.She is only 3 months old.


This was my dog, Maddie, when she was a puppy mb-1hop. This is my dog,Brandy tl-15hop

~lwf0002_copy_(4).jpgPlease post pictures of your pets here!! You may

callie and dexter aren't they cute! zk-12hop


This is our dog Biscuit! ab-3utz and mb-5ham here is Penny and Rocky.

‚Äč100_1984.JPGexternal image 49563237_b867154fcd_o.jpg
these are my pets-es22ham.
This is jk-13utz's dog Lido!!

Here is my dog, Kellie. (Mrs. Hopkins)
kellie2.jpg beaglepuppy.jpgthis is the dog i want, not have. (hw-26hop)

This is my dog moe (es-19hop) THIS IS MY DOG SHADOW! NY-27 UTZ WOOF!
This is my dog!! Indy!!! isn't he cute!!!(kt-24ham)

Here is my english bulldog Bruiser (mm-15ham). He is a bucks fan.
this is my cat that i had IY-26noll

this is my evil cat magic we found him in the woods.his hair is longer than this and he has orange eyes and one is distorted so one pupil is bigger than the other. IY-26noll

This dm-16utz's dog named Lexi and listens to everything I say.
But the cool thing is that she understands my feelings so then she
figures out a way to cheer me up and most of the times it works!!!!

This is Sasha . The kitty with an aditude. - ld-4utz
(lp-15noll)these are my guine pigs, hersey the cream and brown one and resee the red and brown oneDSC02852.JPGCara_ages_9-10_362.jpgDSC02934.JPG
this is my dog cody lp-15noll this is my cat bailey lp-15 noll