Reading Links

In the integrated Language Arts program, a body of children’s literature is
used with other materials, including a text book anthology, to help
emphasize lifelong reading, comprehension and critical thinking as primary

My goal is to improve students’ reading skills and to encourage them to be
lifelong competent readers and writers.
- Students will be reading from their textbook organized by themes.
-These themes will be supplemented with class novels, poetry, online activities and various enrichment activities.
-Students will be reading in a variety of ways; whole group, small group and independently.
-Students are expected to read 15-20 minutes each night and respond in their Lit Record.
-Students will produce written work both formal and informal in response to what they have read in and out of class.

With each literature unit I send out a syllabus or “Reading Calendar” so you
are aware of all assignments. Your child will receive one copy and you may
view the calendar on this wiki under " homework"
Sometimes there may be pop quizzes and dates could change if we have a snow
day etc.

The reading materials have been approved by the board and are on an approved
book list for the district. This approved list can be viewed on the Forest
Hills web site.

Forest Hills School District 6th Grade Approved Book List
A variety of assessment strategies are emphasized to determine a student’s
instructional needs and academic progress.
I believe in immediate feedback so tests and quizzes are graded and returned
the next day.
I require that students get tests signed by a parent if they
receive a 59% or lower.
All tests are announced in advance and they are posted on the “Reading
Extra credit is offered once during each grading period at interim time.
Earning extra credit is not difficult and students have a week to complete
it, so all students should take advantage of this opportunity.
I require all assignments to be written in cursive.