HI 6th Graders, Here is your study guide for the Media Test next week. There will be multiple choice and true false. Some questions will be worth more than others, so be sure you understand WHY MEDIA AND ADVERTISING SHOULD BE IMPORTANT TO YOU. If you have not worked through this study guide all answers can be found on our technology page. Review the files we have been working with. This test will count toward your writing grade.

Here you go:

Wacky Web Tales - kind of like Mad Libs!
Geo greeting

Survey Monkey
Hamerstadt Enrichment Surveys

A screencast showing you how to download or move video from the flip cameras to a computer.

Technology Resources

hopkinsclass email - This will only be accessable at certain times. Check with Mrs. H. for the password.
Directions for your class email.

Voice Threads

Evaluating Web Resources

Techniques to Evaluate Web Pages


Website Evaluation

CyberSmart Lessons:


Take Action: Publish a Glossary Create a glossary of abbreviations that can help diffuse easy-to-misunderstand language. Let everyone in class know where to find the glossary posted. Include commonly used examples, such as AFJ for "April Fool’s joke," JK for "just kidding," and RUOK for "are you okay?" Invent your own, including ways to stop cyberbullying once it starts.

Federal Trade Commission Fighting Back Against Indentity Theft-> click on or view video What is Phishing?->

Click on Game Phishing Scams and answer questions


Test your cybersmarts: test your cyber smarts with one — or all — of these interactive quizzes on everything from spam and spyware to phishing and file-sharing.

Media Literacy: watch this video and answer and discuss writing prompts on the discussion tab

Super Bowl Evaluation
Super Bowl Ads



Digital Footprints