Writing an Essay

There is a specific structure for writing an essay. Follow the basic format below and you'll have a terrific paper!

Introductory Paragraph:
  • Thesis statement - your opinion about what you're writing about, or a general statement about what you've learned.
  • 2 examples you will write about. These examples should support your thesis statement.

Body of the essay - 2 paragraphs:

  • Write a paragraph for each example that you mention in your intro.
  • Each paragraph should have a topic sentence and supporting details.

Concluding paragraph:

  • Restate the thesis statement
  • Summarize into one or two sentences your examples that are in your introductory paragraph
  • DO NOT include any new information.

Hamerstadt Enrichment Class: This is the link to the writing page for Ms. Hamerstadt's Enrichment class.

6th Grade writing rubric - this will tell you what you need to have for a great piece of writing.

Autobiography - Mrs. Hopkins' class
mini-lessons on mechanics, flow and sequence, topic sentences, adding details (write about the pebble, not the pile of rocks), interesting words,

Guidelines -
-Brainstorm list of important topics to include in Autobiography. You must have 6 parts (or more). One needs to be YOU and one needs to be FAMILY. The other four are your choice.
-1st paragraph is about you and your vital, basic information. When and where you were born, how old you are, what you look like, anything unusual about you, personality traits, etc. This is not to be about family, sports, hobbies, friends, etc.
-2nd-6th paragraphs based on your choices and what you think should logically come next.
-One paragraph will be assigned each day and completed for homework. It is expected that you will take your time, write about what's important to you, and add lots of details about fewer topics, This is what's known as writing about the pebble and not the pile of rocks. (See below.)
-paragraphs will be assessed, then returned for revision and publication.
-final drafts may be NEATLY written (print or cursive) OR typed.
Due Date: Monday, Sept 28 (this may change based on needs of students)

The Pebble and the Rocks
Writing about the pebble means writing about all the little details you can see when you look at that ONE pebble. It's color, size, texture, and coolness.

When someone writes about too many things without giving any details, it's like writing about a pile of rocks. We can see many rocks, but not the minute details that make each one special.